Sunday, January 11, 2009

1 smoothie[*spinach, *carrots, *celery, *wheat grass, ginger, lemon juice, *frozen blueberries, *coconut oil, 1 pack raw acai (amazon mania), green superfood powder (amazing grass), truvia].
truvia sucks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

test blog 3
another test blog
test blog

Monday, March 31, 2008

110. straw face

hi HI HIYA! So its been a while. We’d like to apologize for that. We have been busy working hard on the road. I’m coming at you from the front seat of the MA tour van in route to Denver, Colorado. It’s going to be our first time playing in Colorado so we’re really pumped. Tonight we played in Peoria, Illinois and met a ton of cool people and had a great time. Before the show all of us went out to eat and sean caught a video of me shooting my straw wrapper into gregs face. We have been waiting a long time to catch this on video so we decided to share it with you all.

As for other news.........we have a big month coming up. Aside from all the touring, "These are the Nights" will officially be hitting radio nationwide in late April. We’ll give you guys the exact date in the coming weeks. We’ll also be posting a list of all the radio stations that will be adding our song into rotation. Everyone is expected to meet their daily request quota of 15 :) JK JK.....but seriously....We would love you forever. So thats it for now. I’m gonna go grab some egg whites and hashbrowns from IHOP. We will talk to you soon :)

<3 Steve

Monday, March 24, 2008

109. Yog Pod

my heart is raaaaaacing. i finally synced up my first ipod and took it for a jog around the block. it’s freezing and i was blowing snot all over the street but i made it back. tomorrow (later today) we’re headed into the city to talk summer tour plans with our agent AND we’re gonna check out Ludo at Bowery Ballroom. we’re stoked to see their show... and they’re playing with the reunited Presidents of the United States of America.

hope everybody had a thrilling easter... mine didn’t really feel like easter, but more like trying to run errands in stores that didn’t wanna stay open. went to petsmart and got my dog’s nails clipped and hit the diner on the way back (with mom and sister). my basket was filled with dark chocolate. yum

my heart rate is coming down... i’m gonna pass out.
night, sean

Friday, March 21, 2008

108. pranks and blowouts

we were in transit to our last show of the tour. automatic loveletter was leaving us after tonight. the show was in vienna, virginia at jammin' java. we were actually on time. on the way there the van started into a slight fishtail motion that i thought was merely wind or poor weight distribution of our equipment. steve said drive it out cuz this happens all the time. a lot of funky shit happens to our van that we drive out... not this time. the fishtailing worsened and we were lucky enough to be RIGHT at a service exit with a gas station. our back right tire was blown to shreds and the back left was soon to follow. Earl from Sunoco ordered us two brand new tires and was nice enough to install them. Earl also ordered two signed, black making april shirts and cd's cuz he listens to all kinds of music except rap. 400 raping dollars later we were on our way!

we get to the show just as john is up on stage with automatic singing misery business. this was one of the many pranks that would go on throughout the night in celebration of our final show together. there were drum kits taken away mid song, mustaches drawn, musicians mocked, shirts ripped off, guitar strings cut, blankets tossed over players, vans vandalized, songs butchered in any way shape or form. you really had to be there to experience the mayhem. it was a lot of fun. we'll miss automatic loveletter, but we'll be on tour with secondhand serenade all throughout april so dont miss us if we come through your area!!!

heart, sean